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Here you will find details of our latest releases of mesh home and garden furniture for Second Life.

As well as Cheeky Pea inSL we regularly release at a number of events and on the Second Life Marketplace

Remember to check back regularly to see what we have in store for you!

Cheeky Pea Blogger Search 2017!

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It’s that time of year again! Cheeky Pea is on the hunt for some talented new bloggers. We don’t care about your hits, we don’t care about your views, we care about your art. We want you to love being Cheeky Pea Blogger!

Some info regarding our blogger group:
· We do not add Cheeky Pea bloggers all the time, so right now is the best time to apply!
· We cannot reply to every Cheeky Pea blogger request. If you are successful an Second Life group invite will be sent to you in world.
· Anyone that does not list and credit furniture in blog posts will not be considered. I can’t stress this strongly enough. You must credit furniture in your posts. If you would like to start blogging furniture for Cheeky Pea and have not blogged any furniture yet, please wait to apply until you can show that you credit furniture.

Numbers are just numbers. Your work shows if you love what you do. We’re looking for passion and attention to detail, not blog stats.

When applying please include links to your Flickr, blog and other social media sites.

Only bloggers who credit the furniture used in their blogs and photography will be considered.

PLEASE APPLY HERE. Notecards, IMs, tickets will NOT be considered. You must apply via the Google Form only. You can also apply below on the embedded form.

Blogger applications for our 2015 round close Monday, July 31st, 2017.

Niamh’s Curiosity Cabinet for Kustom9

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Out at midnight for Kustom 9. Perfect for holding all those gacha goodies or displaying your favourite things!

:CP: Niamh’s Curiosity Cabinet – 7 LI

(LI listed as boxed refers to product size as given. If you enlarge or decrease the size of these items the prim count may vary based on SL land impact calculations.)

Available in 5 separate texture options.

:CP: Niamh’s Curiosity Cabinet – all doors open/close on touch.

Pattern on/off on touch to top of cabinet. Will show paper or matching wood.

New at faMESHed and The Fantasy Collective!

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Out for faMESHed on July 1st!

The Kolympia Cabana would be a fun addition to your summer garden or beach. Includes Cabana and potted branch. Seats up to 4 avatars at once on two different seats so can accommodate 2 single sitters on each or 2 couples.


Out for The Fantasy Collective on July 1st!

The Boho Wooden Sleigh Bed (and skull!) is available at TFC. Animations for singles and couples, as well as adult in adult version available. The blankets vanish when you sit to add realism to the piece.


Both available on July 1st!

New goodies for N21 and Lootbox!

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First and foremost… we actually got married! Can you believe it? We almost can’t! I still stumble over the word husband. lol! To celebrate we’re having a surprise 48 hour 60% off sale! We have NEVER had this on current stock before. (That I can remember) Just a little feel good for all you guys who have supported us the last (very nearly almost) 10 years! Come by the Mainstore to grab your deals!


It’s the first day of summer!

Out for N-21 now! Our Shoreline Set. Perfect for summer evening on the patio, or cuddling up under the parasol in the sun.

See the details here and get it in world at N-21

One of my favourite real life things… tiny clay houses! I could buy these and put them in every room of my house and I could never have enough.

Out for Lootbox now!

And just as every other gacha set we offer – The No Copy versions can be swapped for Copy/No Trans versions. See our website for all the details on how to do this.

The Garden Nest

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Two versions: Tropical, and Bling. Both available in adult and PG versions.

  • 10 Land Impact
  • 6 single animations
  • 7 couples animations
  • 7 adult animations (in adult version only).


Available first at The Men’s Department (TMD)

Be Chief Designer of Cheeky Pea!

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We often get requests from customers or suggestions for what to make next. So we decided to have a bit of fun with the idea and let you offer your suggestions. We will pick between one and N designs to take forward (we might love more than one, sorry).


The person who suggests the idea(s) produced will have the item made and be the first person in SL to own that item/set. The entry we like most will also recieve a gift card and some other stuff we have laying around at Cheeky Pea Towers.

How to enter.

  1. Create a mood board or collage (it’s the same thing isn’t it?), or a drawing or some photographs of things you would like to see from Cheeky Pea.
  2. Share the image on this site or one of our various social media sites, twitter, facebook, plurk, flickr, instagram(?), linkedin (only joking) and myspace (again, joking).
  3. Use the hash tag (#) #CheekyPeaDesigner
  4. Entries must be submitted by 12th June 2017. GMT (That’s next Monday).


How to win.

  1. Have a great idea
  2. Share your idea with your friends, ideas with likes/replies/mentions etc will obviously come to our attention more. But is not the deciding factor for winning.
  3. Be really nice to us, post chocolate.
  4. Hope Isla likes your great idea.


There are obviously some rules, because as we all know, you literally cannot have fun without rules. So, the items must not infringe on other people’s intellectual property, sorry no Barbie dream house for you. The suggestions must also be in keeping with the general theme that runs through Cheeky Pea, you know the sort of cute twee stuff we make? Yeah that. No clinical labs on a space station etc. It’s not “our bag” if you catch my drift.


This is not a popularity contest, if your submission is not to our taste but has had the sh.. sugar shared out of it and re-plurked/faved/liked/ whatever out of it, it might not win. This is not a democracy, look around the world of the last few years, simple voting has failed, we need quality control.

You will be shocked at Cheeky Pea Gacha Special!

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Join us in celebrating the weekend, yes we’re just happy to end this week, aren’t you?

Anyway, to celebrate we are running  a very special promotion. All previous gacha items are now 25L only! An excellent opportunity to complete your set.

So come along to the gacha department of the store or simply catch up at the entrance to the Cheeky Pea mainstore which we have renamed (in our heads) Gacha Avenue. We thought this a better title than “To catch a rare or more” (pun).

As with all of our Gachas you can request copy/ no trans versions just have a look here

Please note event exclusive items are excluded from the machines because they were exclusive to the event, as the name might suggest.


Anyway…… look forward for further communications in the very near future for a special competition.

Iota Outdoor Room Set – Out Now At UBER!

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The weather is getting better, so why not relax in teh Jacuzzi with our awesome outdoor room set? Out now for UBER!

Full details can be found In The Pod



Keep an eye on our social media for many more fun and exciting announcements in the coming days!

NorthHaven Set now in store!

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Hi guys, the NorthHaven set previously featured at uber is now in store – here

Full details over at In The Pod


Look forward to more exciting releases in teh coming week. Watch our various social media channels with great interest for surprises galore.

Annabelle Sofas in store!

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We have a regular release in store – one a lot of you have been asking for. The Annabelle sofas are in!

They are the matching set to the existing Annabelle chairs.


You can grab these at the front of our mainstore today!