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The Cheeky Pea sim underwent a tiny change today! Our little Junk Heap as I like to affectionately call it now has a home.

Our Odds & Ends section that houses are orphan products (lamps, bookshelves, picture frames, various knickknacks) has a new building. it’s in the same spot, same sim, just a bit more organised and hopefully a bit more lag-reducing! Stop by and have a look.


We are shortly going to have our teleport boards updated to utilise the new SL Experiences. You can already do this with our Event area. You can click on and walk through a door to the event of your choice. As long as the event parcel and sim is open and up and running you can just walk through to the direct location. Our new simwide movement system will use SL Experiences. It will work on rezzed boards as well as a HUD so you can TP around the Cheeky Pea sim with ease. This will be availabe in the next couple days. It will be much easier to find your way around the sim. Pretty neat! Here’s a little sneak peek of our HUD.




Lots going on to improve your shopping experience!

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