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We often get requests from customers or suggestions for what to make next. So we decided to have a bit of fun with the idea and let you offer your suggestions. We will pick between one and N designs to take forward (we might love more than one, sorry).


The person who suggests the idea(s) produced will have the item made and be the first person in SL to own that item/set. The entry we like most will also recieve a gift card and some other stuff we have laying around at Cheeky Pea Towers.

How to enter.

  1. Create a mood board or collage (it’s the same thing isn’t it?), or a drawing or some photographs of things you would like to see from Cheeky Pea.
  2. Share the image on this site or one of our various social media sites, twitter, facebook, plurk, flickr, instagram(?), linkedin (only joking) and myspace (again, joking).
  3. Use the hash tag (#) #CheekyPeaDesigner
  4. Entries must be submitted by 12th June 2017. GMT (That’s next Monday).


How to win.

  1. Have a great idea
  2. Share your idea with your friends, ideas with likes/replies/mentions etc will obviously come to our attention more. But is not the deciding factor for winning.
  3. Be really nice to us, post chocolate.
  4. Hope Isla likes your great idea.


There are obviously some rules, because as we all know, you literally cannot have fun without rules. So, the items must not infringe on other people’s intellectual property, sorry no Barbie dream house for you. The suggestions must also be in keeping with the general theme that runs through Cheeky Pea, you know the sort of cute twee stuff we make? Yeah that. No clinical labs on a space station etc. It’s not “our bag” if you catch my drift.


This is not a popularity contest, if your submission is not to our taste but has had the sh.. sugar shared out of it and re-plurked/faved/liked/ whatever out of it, it might not win. This is not a democracy, look around the world of the last few years, simple voting has failed, we need quality control.

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