Cheeky Pea TV – Help Guide

We have upgraded the Cheeky Pea TV scripts to make them more user friendly. Our older HEZ system user guide can be found HERE.

The following is a guide to using Cheeky Pea TV and general advice on using parcel media in Second Life.


The TV is packaged as a coalesced object. This means that there are unlinked parts and this is represented by a multiple box icon in your inventory.

Cheeky Pea TV - Rezzing Coalesced Objects

These items are not linked (for a reason we’ll discuss later). We recommend rezzing the items in ‘edit mode’ so that you can move them all at once.

This video shows how to rez in edit mode:

This video shows how to move multiple objects:


Using Cheeky Pea TV

There are 8 options presented when you touch the Cheeky Pea TV screen

Cheeky Pea TV OPtions

Set Texture

This option will set the parcel media texture to that of the Cheeky Pea TV.

Get Texture

This option will retrieve the parcel media texture and apply it to the Cheeky Pea TV. Use this option in conjunction with other TV packages available in Second Life.

Set Media

This option presents a text box. In this box you can paste Second Life compatible video streams to display on the TV. We suggest and YoutubeinMP4 for streaming Second Life format video. We offer no support in regard to third party sites.

Play | Pause | Stop | Sync

These media controls allow you to play, pause and stop video. The ‘Sync’ button synchronises the video so that all viewers on the parcel view the video at the same point.


The ‘Help’ button will direct you to this page.

The following video shows how to operate the Cheeky Pea TV.

Cheeky Pea TV – Group Owned Land

To use the TV on group owned land the screen must be ‘deeded’ to group. To do this you must make sure that the correct group is set on the object. You must also have the ability in your group role to deed objects. Deeding an object to group makes the group the owner. As Second Life media must be controlled by having the object and the land share an owner this is necessary. For this reason the TV ‘screen’ and scripts contained in it are provided with copy and transfer permissions.

Right click and edit the screen. Navigate to the general tab.

To deed the object select share with group (making sure the object is in the same group as the land is owned by. This can be changed by clicking the wrench icon.).

Tick ‘share object with group’.

Click deed.

Cheeky Pea Instructions - Deed Object


Cheeky Pea TV – Friend Owned Land

If your friend owns the land and it is not set to group you can ‘sell’ the TV object to them.

Right click and edit the screen. Navigate to the general tab.

Tick ‘for sale’.

Set price – we suggest L$0

Change drop down next to price to ‘original’. This means that the object stays rezzed in that place in Second Life.

Cheeky Pea - Sell TV


Cheeky Pea TV – Example Media

As shown in the above video you can copy and paste valid video urls into the text box. To do this click the TV screen and choose set media.


Cheeky Pea TV – Trouble Shooting

To utilise parcel and prim media in Second Life be sure to install both Apple QuickTime Player and Flash Player.

Generic Flash Player must be installed as described in this Second Life Forum post.

Media must also be enabled in preferences in the Second Life (or third party) viewer.

Cheeky Pea TV – Useful Links

Second Life Wiki – Parcel Media
QuickTime Plugin
Flash Player